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COVID-19 Update

Shadow yoga is a potent, living system of Hatha Yoga transmitted directly from teacher to student. Like other lineage traditions, progress in this system requires a living teacher and a commitment to personal practice (sadhana) on the part of the student. One's personal sadhana is where understanding and ownership of the activity begin, and where the fruits of one's efforts can unfold over time. The restricted activity of our current Shelter-in-Place order can actually be of benefit to one's personal practice.

Direct, in-person guidance is required for new students and those learning new material. Live transmission is essential for grasping subtle aspects of practice. Without it, important lessons will be lost, leaving both student and teacher susceptible to misunderstanding. For these reasons, I am not currently accepting new students.

I look forward to offering introductory sessions again, when in-person instruction can be resumed. If you are interested in staying apprised of upcoming events, please subscribe to my email newsletter below. Please take good care in the meantime.

What Is Shadow Yoga?

Shadow Yoga is a comprehensive system of yogic sadhana (personal practice), created by Shandor Remete and taught by a small network of teachers around the world. Based on an understanding of internal energetic principles, Shadow Yoga is a progressive approach that begins with learning fixed sequences to build strength and suppleness in the body, breath and mind. The prelude activity lays a solid foundation and helps cultivate an internal attitude of patience and persistence. As with other lineage traditions, Shadow Yoga is taught through direct, personal transmission from teacher to student. The trust and accountability cultivated in the teacher-student relationship can support meaningful change over time. Learn more about the school of Shadow Yoga and its founders at

Who can do Shadow Yoga?

With good instruction, Shadow Yoga can be adapted for anyone who is willing to engage it patiently. In some cases, private sessions are recommended for a personalized approach. Students of all levels and backgrounds can attend an introductory session or foundations course to get started. Other courses will specify pre-requisites if they apply. All students will be expected to learn the first prelude, Balakrama, if they wish to continue. If you have specific questions or injuries, please contact Lakshmi directly.

Where do I start?

Shadow Yoga is a progressive system, and new students should begin with an introductory session or foundations series. Once the first Shadow Yoga prelude (Balakrama) is learned, student and teacher work together to determine the appropriate path forward. While the introductory material may be learned in an open, public class, all other material is best learned in a course format. Course formats can vary, from once per week for several weeks to a four-session course held over a weekend. The commitment required for a course facilitates deeper learning and accountability for both student and teacher.


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