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Tantra Illuminated

Updated: Sep 15, 2017

Consider that most of us dwell in a world of our own thoughts, concepts, and projections; we are not fully connected with reality and thus are less likely to tap into the innate power and beauty of reality. Usually we are not fully present because we fear the vulnerability entailed by such engagement with reality or because we find the present moment boring compared to our fantasy world. This explains why it is only when circumstances are either safe enough (for example, when we are sure of the love and good opinion of those around us) or exciting enough (for example, peak experiences) that we fully connect with the present moment. This leads us to the natural but false conclusions that such experiences are only possible in those conditions. The spiritual path teaches us how to open in all circumstances and thus discover that it is being open, connected and aware that gives rise to true bliss, and nothing else.

Christopher Wallis

Tantra Illuminated

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