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Lakshmi Norwood Yoga


COVID-19 Update:  Private sessions are offered via ZOOM or in an appropriately distanced outdoor setting. Please contact Lakshmi directly to inquire.


Private Yoga

Private sessions provide the opportunity for adapting yoga to individual needs. In a one-on-one environment, recommendations can be tailored to personal objectives, lifestyle and time available. At any stage or level of development -- including those who are teaching -- working with an experienced guide can be an important source of support.


Private sessions can also be geared toward specific conditions, and complement other forms of treatment. As a Structural Yoga Therapist®, I am trained in techniques that may help with pain reduction, sleep, stress management, improvement in physical function, strength, joint mobility and mental focus. I am not licensed to treat or make recommendations about medical conditions, however, and encourage you to consult with your provider before starting yoga or any other exercise/treatment program.  Depending on the situation, I may need a note from your doctor before working together.


The process of healing happens within the living matrix of daily responsibilities, human emotions, patterned thoughts, personal commitments and cultural values. Yoga Therapy aims to address multiple dimensions of experience. The initial session may include assessment of strength, pain factors, range of motion and personal goals. Based on your objectives, we develop a plan to move forward and support the natural healing process. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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